Thursday, July 21, 2011

திருஒட்டு காய்

 Calabash tree (Crescentia cujete) is a small tree originating from tropical America, now widely distributed in other parts of the World. In Coimbatore well grown trees can be seen in Forest college campus and a single tree at NBNP, Anaikatti.



Fully Ripened fruit after the cleaning  process are used as a beggar's bowl (
திரு ஓடு)


  1. This reminded me of a story I read when growing in India called 'Necklace and Calabash' a detective novel written by Robert van Gulik and set in Imperial China - based on the real character of Judge Dee (Ti Jen-chieh or Di Renjie), a magistrate and statesman of the Tang court, who lived roughly 630–700.

  2. Lauki is also termed 'Calabash' by some. A funny take on my blog.